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1. Francis Francis espresso machine -
"I like to drink my coffee in my Sean Patrick Flanery coffee cup"
2.Kiehl's original musk -
"I hug a lot of people, I'm kind of a hugger"
3. Vacuum robot -
"It just cleans my whole floor"
4. Fuji X20 -
"Get the one you want to hold the most"
5. 45 rpm records -
"I like the artwork on them, I like to collect them and play with them"
6. South Park -
"I'd watch the South Park until my life ending"
7. Boob pillow -
"It's awesome 'cause you can take it on the plane"
8. Ray-Bans -
"It's nice to hide behind sunglasses sometimes"
9. Triumph Scrambler -
"Covered in blood, riding the bike home, which gets a lot of weird looks"
10. Bunny slippers -
"Because everybody needs bunny slippers"

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Hanni the self-actualized cannibal.

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Hannibal Drawing a day 4/18/2014 (( Picture 43 ))

Will you betray me first, or shall I betray you?

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